September 24: Blessed Colomba Gabriel

Blessed Colomba Gabriel
1858 – 1926

Founder of the Benedettine di Caritá.


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  1. Nan says:

    Courtesy of santaebeati and bad googlematic translations:

    Providence wanted by Poland was a distant Rome, to give most of her life to works that inspired the Lord, and die here between the late Roman considered that one of them.

    Joanna Matylda Gabriel was born in Stanislawow (Poland) on May 3 1858 into a family wealthy and noble family. Hers was a solid education, first in the family, then in schools in the city and in her hometown of Lviv.

    She became a teacher taught in public schools, then schools and interior of the Benedictine Order in this ancient decided to take its aspiration of religious life, entering among the Benedictine Sisters of Lviv, 20 August 1882 took the solemn profession of vows, taking the name of the Dove and later became abbess.

    But Providence had ordered otherwise, as a result of internal conflicts, had to leave the office and on January 24 1900 the monastery. She went to Rome and from there entered the monastery of the Benedictine of Subiaco, remaining until 1902 then returned to Rome, dedicated to the care of children of the parish of Testaccio and Meadows; continued in the social towards the needy, organizing a ‘house — family ‘in order to protect young workers’ poor, with the help of a committee chaired by Lord Roman princess Barberini.

    Recommended by her superiors, she gathered around her young women wishing to work at being together in religious life. Thus the Institute that the ‘Benedictine Charity’ in order to devote himself to young Abandoned then spread to the younger and generally works parish.

    Sister Colomba was assisted by co-founder Placida Oldoini that happened after her death occurred on September 24 1926 in Centocelle, Roman suburb, expanding the Foundation; in 1970 in Italy it lready included 118 homes.

    The cause for beatification of Mother Colomba Gabriel reached its milestone with the beatification ceremony celebrated by her compatriot Pope John Paul II on May 16 1993.

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