September 19: Saint Alonso de Orozco Mena

Saint Alonso de Orozco Mena
1500 – 1591 Son of the governor of a castle. Studied at Talavera de la Reina. Studied music and served as choir boy in the cathedral of Toledo for three years. Attended the University of Salamanca at age 14. Joined the Augustinians in his early 20’s. Spiritual student of Saint Thomas of Villanova. Ordained in 1527. Noted preacher. Augustinian prior in Seville, Spain. Missionary to Mexico in 1549, but his severe arthritis caused his doctors to send him back to Spain. Prior of the convent in Valladolid, Spain in 1554. Preacher to the court of emperor Charles V, moving with the court to Madrid in 1561. He refused to accept the standard royal stipends, and lived as a humble monk. His door was always open to anyone seeking spiritual guidance, he spent his free time visiting the sick in hospital, prisoners in jail, and the poor living on the street. Noted writer in Spanish and Latin, including histories of the Augustinians. Had a great devotion to the Virgin Mary. Helped found Augustinian monasteries and convents, and to advance reforms within the Order.


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