Why Do Catholics Add to Scripture?

Q. Why must the Catholic church add to the word of God by writing a catechism?

A. The Catholic Church is not adding to the word of God anymore than any commentary is adding to the word of God. Or an expositor of scripture is adding to the word of God.
After all, the Bible is not a book of systematic theology, if it were there wouldn’t need to be books of systematic theology written. The Bible is a collection of histories, letters, poetry, apocalyptic writings. There is NOTHING systematic about the way the Bible presents theology except at times for differing lengths. But no one would say the Bible presents to us systematic theology. It requires a great deal of study and cross referencing and keeping hundreds of details and concepts organized.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church is really a simple systematic theology written for every man.

Q. Yes, there is a point to summarizing the scriptures, but unfortunately, I do not see the catechism quoting much scripture. Every statement needs to be backed up with scripture.

A.Why does every statement need to be backed up with scripture? On what authority is this request made? There is no verse in scripture to this effect.

Q. Where is the scriptural teaching on much of what the Catholic church teaches?

A. But there is very much scripture in the CCC. It’s in the footnotes when it’s not in the text.


2 Responses to Why Do Catholics Add to Scripture?

  1. doug says:

    it’s a manifestation of pride..the catholic doctrine twists and distorts scripture. it is this distortion that turns many many people away from The Lord Jesus forever.

  2. bfhu says:

    By what authority do you contend that Catholics twist and distort scripture but the Protestant don’t? Could you give us an example?

    I think that the problem is that scripture must be read and then understood/interpreted. Catholics and Protestants often differ in how they interpret various scriptures. This interpretation problem even plagues the Protestant denominations which are all a direct result of different interpretations of scripture.
    For the Catholic Church, at least our interpretation is grounded in historical precedence. Protestants must each interpret scripture for themselves…a heavy responsibility.

    Many, many people turn away from the light b/c they love darkness better than the light. Jesus was HATED so much his enemies killed Him. Jesus even turned His followers away from Himself in John 6 when He told them they must eat His flesh and drink His blood in order to have eternal life.

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