Another Big Event: Father Antonio On EWTN Today

I remind my friends in America that EWTN will air the story of conversion that took place in the Lamb of God Shrine. The program is called “The Choices we Face” with Peter Herbeck.
They will put it on Friday September 12 at 6:30 am.
You can watch the first part on the following link on EWTN “Sept 7 A Conversion in Lebanon-1”
Tomorrow, we will have the great event: The feast of the Lamb of God Shrine.
While the story will be heard in America, it will also be told to hundreds of people tomorrow in Lebanon, with much more excitement with the story of the grotto . We will have at 5:00 pm the Way of the Life to the Full, at 6:00 pm Holy Mass with the superior general of my Order, at 7:00 pm the story will be told to many.
We still have many groups of people coming from everywhere. The Christians of Palestine have asked me to send them the book that tells the story. We already sent them many copies. They found great consolation in what God is doing here in the Lamb of God shrine.
This week we had many groups and many conversions. I am just praying that many people will be touched, transformed. I want the whole world to follow Jesus.



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