August 26: Blesseds Luigi Beltrame Quattrocchi & Maria Corsini, Married Beati

Blessed Luigi Beltrame Quattrocchi
1880 – 1951
Blessed Maria Corsini
1884 – 1965


3 Responses to August 26: Blesseds Luigi Beltrame Quattrocchi & Maria Corsini, Married Beati

  1. Nan says:

    On October 21, 2001, Pope John Paul II declared as “blessed” Luigi & Maria Beltrame Quattrocchi and said their lives as spouses and as parents were models for all Christians. This represents the first time in the church’s history that a married couple has been beatified.

    “The richness of faith and married love shown by Luigi & Maria Beltrame Quattrocchi is a living demonstration of what the Second Vatican Council said about all the faithful being called to holiness,” the pope said in his homily. “They lived an ordinary life in an extraordinary way,” demonstrating that sainthood for married couples is “possible and beautiful”.

    The Pope assigned a Feast Day for Luigi & Maria. Usually, the Feast Day for a saint is the date of their death; however, since the couple has two different dates of death, this posed a problem. In an unprecedented step, designed to celebrate the coupleness of Luigi & Maria, November 25th was designated the Feast Day for the couple, to commemorate the anniversary of the date of their marriage in 1905.

    As a result of this elevation we have “adopted” Blessed Luigi & Maria as the patron saints for Worldwide Marriage Encounter in our area. We ask for their prayers and intervention in filling our Weekends, opening the hearts of couples to attend a Weekend, and blessing couples during the Weekend.

    Here are some links that detail the lives of Luigi & Maria, and the story of their elevation to “Blessed”.
    Pope John Paul II’s homily on October 21, 2001
    Catholic Times Online story
    An interview with two of Luigi & Maria’s four children
    News story & commentary
    “Heroic in Marriage”
    Patron Saints Index: Luigi Beltrame Quattrocchi
    Patron Saints Index: Maria Corsini

  2. Tito Edwards says:

    Thanks Nan for that bit of information. We need to know more about such things to remind us all that sainthood can be attained in marriage, or at least try.

  3. Katherine L. says:

    Thank-you to Pope John Paul II for the beatification of this couple. I (and others with me) are asking this couple to intercede to Our Lord for a miracle. My husband divorced me in 2005. We are praying for the miracle of our reconciliation and reunification in this life.

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