August 14: The Martyrs of Otranto Killed By The Ottomans In 1480


Otranto Cathedral, with reliquaries behind the high altar containing the 800 skulls from the severed heads of a band of Puglian Catholics martyred by Ottoman soldiery in the year of Our Lord 1480. They are commemorated in the Martyrology on August 14.

5 bob to: Shrine of the Holy Whapping

“Would that all believed in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and were ready to die a thousand times for him.” – Blessed Antonio Primaldo

On August 14, 1480, 800 survivors of the Siege of Otranto were martyred by the Muslim armies of Mohammed II (also known as Mehmed II), the Ottoman leader who had conquered Constantinople 28 years earlier. Their crime? They refused to renounce their faith in Christ. It is amazing how much of our own history that we in the West are ignorant of, even geeks like myself. I know the story of the fall of Constantinople and the seemingly miraculous victories at Lepanto and Vienna, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of Otranto. Thanks to Alfredo Mantovano’s article this story of how Muslim armies invaded Italy seeking to capture Rome and crush Christendom in the West gives me something to start with for further study on my own. Otranto appears to have been the Thermopylae or Alamo of the late 15th century. Picture this: a very large Muslim army lands at the city gates bent on conquest. Only 400 guards man the walls, most of whom slip away and flee in terror leaving the city’s inhabitants to defend themselves which they did quite spiritedly. After a long siege, the Muslims successfully breech the walls and slaughter most of the people left inside. The surviving males above the age of 15 are given the choice of converting — tempted to do so by an apostate Catholic priest who abandoned the faith to save his skin — or death. 800 souls chose the latter and were martyred. Their sacrifice gave the bickering and divided Italians the time to regroup and save their own lands, arguably all of Christian Europe as well, from being conquered. A fascinating and inspiring story and while some folks might find the comparison to be extreme, Mantovano compellingly exhorts the West to draw a lesson from this massacre:

When the inhabitants of Otranto found themselves facing the Ottoman scimitars, they did not find in the disinterest of their kings a reason to quit themselves; strong in the culture in which they had been raised, although many of them had never learned the alphabet, they were convinced that resisting and not abjuring the faith was the most natural choice. Try talking today with a Western soldier who has returned from a mission in Iraq or Afghanistan: what one hears most frequently is their amazement at the discussions and the endless disagreements over our presence in those regions. For these soldiers, it is natural that they should go to help those in need of support, and guarantee the security of reconstruction against terrorist attacks.

In Otranto in 1480, no one displayed rainbow pacifist flags, nor invoked international resolutions, nor asked for a meeting of the municipal council so that the zone might be declared as demilitarized; no one chained himself beneath the city walls to ?construct peace.?

For two weeks, the fifteen thousand inhabitants of the city boiled oil and water, until they had none left, and poured it over the walls onto the assailants. And when the eight hundred adult men still alive were captured, they went willingly to meet the same fate that the Iraqis, Afghans, Americans, English, Italians, and others meet in Iraq and Afghanistan when they are kidnapped by terrorists. Eight hundred heads were cut off one after another, with no politically correct newsmen to censor the account. If today we have thorough knowledge of this extraordinary event, it is because those who described it were objective and rigorous. (Chiesa)

5 bob to: Martyrs of Ontrato writer at The Gay Patriot. (I just google the subjects folks, where I find them, I find them!)

27 Responses to August 14: The Martyrs of Otranto Killed By The Ottomans In 1480

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  2. Sengun Taygun says:

    This means just antiTurkism.

    It is a shame and to exhibit skulls in windows, this is a barbarism.

    Meanwhile Turks are not butchers, They believe in God and do not kill civlian, innocent people. You have creating urbanlegends that Turks are monsters that is why it is normal and an useful thing to kill, destroy them.

    Turks are humanbeinf as much as you. Do not you see Super Powers and Israil kill hunderds innocent Muslims? But not important, they are not Christian.

    • hengest says:

      Turks are human beings, as much as us, and anyone. Yet they have done things, that, if they were western European Christians, Agnostic, Atheist, or anything other then Muslim, would be considered the worst of the worse. The way the Turks deny the Armenien genocide, and go after Israel for the deaths on the jihad flotilla show me that they are a bunch of two faced little pricks, much like any who are hardcore islamist at heart, yet multicultural, equalist to all who would buy the bullshit.

    • TURKSbutchers says:

      Turks ARE monsters. So says the screaming spirits of a combined death toll of well over 2 1/2 million assyrians, armenians, and greek orthodox CIVILIANS, burned alive in their homes, marched back and forth across the desert until they died, thrown off ships into the sea, burned alive in camps, gassed, poisoned, starved – you make me sick. The bosniak ‘turks’ have been murdering christian serbians for well over 100 years, and 1/3 of their entire population was killed during ww2.

      Your ”100’s” of Palestinians neglects to point out why it all began, when the palestinian muslims started to murder the jews, burn their temples and homes – JUST as muslims are currently doing to Christians TODAY in Pakistan, Gaza, Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Indonesia – and to buddhists in Thailand, and christians, hindus, sikhs, b’hai, ahmaydiaah, jews, and anybody else they can get their hands on.

      TURKEY was a christian country, where are the christians now? DEAD and/or vanquished. 10’s of millions of Christians have been murdered by turk, arab, and black muslims in the last 100 years. I don’t want to hear it.

      • Mazen says:

        More than a hundred million native americans africans and australlians were massacred and enslaved in the worst conditions immaginable by christian armies and priests blessed by popes. Dont blame the word of God blame the individuals who commit crimes unless you are an evil criminal mind as well.. Or just a monkey on a blog. May peace be upon you and wish you the chance to uncloack the black smoke engulfing your soul.

    • Nick Slaughter says:

      Turks are scum. Ask Armenians, Serbians, Macedonians, Greeks who have all been part of genocidial boot of Islam. The small minded followers of Qu’ran and Turks especially cant remeber their bloddy history and still think of themselves as civilized. Fuck Turkey, Bosbnians and especially Albanians. You are hypocrites and cold hearted Murderers and descrators of churches and monastaries!! An d yet you still think you are pious people. You are dogs that we will kicked to the curb!

  3. This post was a memorial to the hundreds of martyrs martyred by the Ottomans.

    How you see fit to bring Israel into this dicussion… I don’t get it. It is just pathetic… When Muslims are called out for their barbarity now or in times past we get what you just now offered:

    “This is anti-Turkish”
    “How you memorialize your martyrs is barbaric”
    “Turks are innocent people who believe in God, you you are just making this up”

    And than the final capstone of all Muslim/Islamic polemic on the net…


    Come back and comment more once you understand logical fallacies better.

  4. Nan says:

    Turks aren’t butchers? That’s not what the Armenian Genocide victims think!

    • aykut says:

      well, what do you wanna say about the innocent Azeris you massacre in Karabağ? what about the Hocalı genocide? You killed and totured people and talking about humanity? You are all liers. You associated with Russians in the 1st world war when you were living with us and stabbed us from behind. Naturally you were taken for immigration to other sides of the Empire.Now you create those stories which you even dont believe. You killed lots massacred Turks and Kurds in the east anatolia for the sake of a Armenian country but you couldn’t achieve. Now you have to live in that poor country.

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  6. Burak Yell says:

    You can find a lot of article blaming each countries for what they did or not did to the others, including also Christian crusades. Everything you told should base on the historical documents and proofs but not the lies or just wishful desires. If you have proofs please just submit. Because you can not have and it is impossible to find real proofs, you can not submit it. You can find a lot of historical documents showing that the number of Turks killed by Armenians is bigger than the number of Armenian deaths in the incidents. It is permitted for everyone to examine historical documents in Turkey but it is not permitted in Armenia. What is the reason for that?

    • hengest says:

      Well then you say go ahead and criticize,yet you’d better have proof. Ok fine then, where is your proof that those who criticize are wrong? The rich part is you mentioning access to information in Turkey and Armenia. Since Turkey won’t even come close to admitting to genocide on their own part I ask you this; How honest is Turkey being in the role they played then and since?

    • TURKSbutchers says:

      What ‘historical’ documents in Turkey? HA HAAA There is 1,000 proofs, photographs, dead bodies, thousands and thousands of orphans left from their parents dying, eye witness accounts by nonturk and nonhellenic people who were working or visiting Turkey at the time of these horrible genocides. People from Germany, Italy, England, letters written to leaders of the countries these witnesses were from stating they could not bear to remain in turkey while viewing the horrors,

      It is well known through the ENTIRE WORLD that Turkey is a liar, that Turkish citizens are stupid and have no concept of real history, and also considering ”turkey” used to be populated by christian ‘hellenics’ well, WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM? BUTCHERS !!

  7. So ultimately we are to believe or accept nothing that we did not see for ourselves? This is pedantic and an excellent way to not have to deal with the shadows of the past – throw up your hands and simply demure “who can say?!?!”

    Please find and submit credible critical evidence that the Armenians inflicted a genocide on the Turks.

  8. Anonymous says:

    u dumb fuking cunts killed all the Muslims in Spain, Sicily, the Philippines and then you start bitching?? You christian cunts are truly cunts

    • Death to Islam says:

      Well you filthy piece of SHIT, the muslims INVADED SPAIN, ITALY, PORTUGAL & FRANCE and murdered 100’s of thousands of christians. NOT THEIR LAND BITCH!! It took europe 700 FUCKING YEARS to push you thieving raping murdering shitbags out of Europe AND THEN YOU START BITCHING? After your filthy treaties with Northern Spain that demanded 100 white virgins a year for use in ottoman harems, after torturing and beheading christians in italy who refused to convert. After charging christians Jizzya tax in their own countries?

      I WISH they had killed all muslims, you sick fuckers !! GTFO of christian lands, you murderous pigs.

      • aykut says:

        that land in Spain didn’t belong to christians. they were invador barbarian stuff who came from northern europe. It was actually a Roman land. But you Barbarians destroyed Roman Empire and are still shedding blood everywhere in the world. Don’t worry İslam will come and destroy all the Barbarians and piece will return

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  10. Mazen says:

    This is a terrible crime against humanity perpetrated by a comander and his fleet. Muslim or not that has nothing to do with Islam. It is considered a great crime and a sin punishable by God to kill a person for not converting in Islam and the commiter is considered not muslim. Forceful converting is also a sin. A massacre like that is the murder carried out by that army and not Islam. More than a hundred million native africans..americans and australians were enslaved and massacred by christian armies blessed by the pope for not joining the church and its teachings. This does not mean that Jesus Christ told christians to kill who refuses conversion..this means that the church people who enticed for such cleansing were mad. Please think before you write an article and try not to make more people ating eachother bases on manipulated event telling blaming Islam becaus it makes of you evil.

  11. Herman Rutner says:

    The Islamic Turks conquered Constantinople in the 16 th century and is has been a Muslim mosque since. The Otranto citizens resisting the invaders for 2 weeks and delaying their march northward to conquer Rome allowed the King of Naples to amass troops that successfully repelled the Muslims and saved Rome and possibly all of Italy from potentially permanent islamic conquest. August 14 ought to be an Italian national holiday in honor of these 800 true Christian martyrs who chose death over forced conversion to an evil religion.
    A similar battle was fought at the gates of Vienna also in the 15th century where a Polish army repulsed a huge horde of Muslim invaders and saved Europe from being overrun by Muslims, possibly also permanently with major adverse impact on Western civilization, a fate avoided but for the grace and mercy of the one and only creator if the universe, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who is not the same as allah.
    hr, Biblicist not RC believer

  12. There are lies, damn lies and then the Catholic take on history. And with fantastic tales of beheaded men refusing to kneel, miraculous blood and medals you just know we’re dealing with the latter

    • Indonesian Papist says:

      Despite being protected by a garrison of just 400 soldiers, the Otrantini refused to surrender. Their resilience is the stuff of legend but after two weeks fighting the Pasha and his men finally stormed the castle, laying waste to the town and its population. All males over 15 were killed and the women and children were sold into slavery. The total number of deaths was in the thousands.

      The worst was yet to come, however: 800 surviving Otrantini had barricaded themselves inside the Cathedral with their Bishop, Stefano Agricoli. On gaining entrance, Gedik Ahmed Pasha demanded they convert to Islam or face certain death. To a man, the 800 refused. Pour encourager les autres the Pasha ordered his men to quarter and behead the Bishop. Yet still the 800 refused to renounce their faith, spurred on by a rousing speech from a simple tailor named Antonio Pezzula.

      Now, faced with no alternative except that of losing face, the Pasha was obliged to carry out his threat. The 800 were marched up to the top of the Hill of Minerva where, one by one, they were beheaded. It was the eve of the Feast of the Assumption, 14th August, 1480.

  13. Kairu says:

    It is indeed not a proper etiquette to display skull in church. I think Jesus will even prohibit it himself (*note I’m not christian but i can respect Jesus as a human being)

    “u dumb fuking cunts killed all the Muslims in Spain, Sicily, the Philippines and then you start bitching?? You christian cunts are truly cunts”

    It is very easy to spot that most of the person who defend islam will resort in this kind of foul language. It clearly shown the characteristic of the their prophet. Even in Quran there are a lot of foul language which they clearly has learned from.

    For all who oppose Islam, please never resort to any foul language because that will just show that we are the same as them.

  14. ANANIA says:

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