5 Transalpine Redemptorist – Now Known As Sons Of The Most Holy Redeemer Seminarians to study in the US

It’s a long way from the windswept shores of Papa Stronsay, Northern Scotland to the plains of Nebraska. The robust traditionalist community, the Transalpine Redemptorists, having restored its relationship with Rome, it will now send 5 of its youngest members to study theology at the Society of Saint Peter’s seminary, in Denton, Nebraska.

Their departure from Papa Stronsay Island

10 Responses to 5 Transalpine Redemptorist – Now Known As Sons Of The Most Holy Redeemer Seminarians to study in the US

  1. These gents have undergone a name-change and are now known as the

    Filii Sanctissimi Redemptoris

  2. Fr. J. says:

    Ah, I see. Thanks, SS. You are always a step ahead.

  3. Jaybird68 says:

    What good news! I saw them on some documentary or reality program. I was so disappointed that they weren’t in communion with Rome. Does anyone know what I’m talking about? Maybe it was Anthony Bourdain? I’ll do some digging.

  4. Jaybird68 says:

    I think this is what I saw…

  5. bcm C.SS.R (SSPX) says:

    Just looking at your blog and admiring the beautiful photos.
    And just inquiring if you have received your status approval yet.
    I still am praying for your comming back to the fight.
    God Bless you all.

    Br. Cyril Mary. C.SS.R of Perptual Succour

  6. Ann Fangman says:

    Five young members of the Transalpine Redemptorists now studying at the FSSP seminary in Denton. What a shame! Someone needs to tell them that they just signed up with the Novus Ordo Church, which the Fraternity of St. Peter very generously supports – morally and financially. In some FSSP parishes, more than half of the collections go to the heretical Modernist church. And the Fraternity itself remains silent against its errors. Heresy by Omission???

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