Evil Defeats Good: UN Responsible for AIDS Rising in Uganda

Russian Statue of St. George in UN Gardens:  “Good Defeats Evil”

A vital success story in the fight against AIDS in Africa has been buried in the West–buried with the increasing numbers of Ugandans dying at the hands of UN AIDS prevention programming. Confusing? Read on…

Uganda, if you recall, was one of the few African countries that massively reduced its HIV/AIDS infection rate from 21% in 1991, to 6% in 2002. Uganda was Africa’s success story. And it claimed this position entirely by pioneering the ABC program, which puts heavy emphasis on A (Abstinence) and B (Be faithful), with C (Condom use) presented as a last resort. And it worked, for what I should think are very obvious reasons.

But, as the co-chair of Uganda’s AIDS-Prevention Committee, Sam Ruteikara, wrote recently in the Washington Post, it was at the height of his country’s AIDS-prevention success that Western “advisors” stepped in, told Uganda they “had it all wrong” and systematically hijacked the Committee’s documents.

“Repeatedly,” laments Ruteikara, “our 25-member prevention committee put faithfulness and abstinence into the National Strategic Plan…Repeatedly, foreign advisers erased our recommendations. When the document draft was published, fidelity and abstinence were missing.” The Western “experts,” “had the financial power to force their casual-sex agendas upon us.”

Now AIDS rates in Uganda are climbing once again. And UNAIDS has only itself to thank.

But these Western “experts” will not, of course, admit their error. They abide by the rule of the oligarch: “Heads I win, tails you lose.” Whatever way the coin drops, its bad for the other guy. Ruteikara relates: “Western media have been told this renewed surge of HIV infection is because there are ‘not enough condoms in Uganda,’ even though we have many more condoms now than we did in the early 1990s, when our HIV rates began to decline.”

In the end the UN’s AIDS-prevention strategy amounts to nothing more than a global game of Russian roulette. Throwing your arms up and telling people that they’ll never change and leave their risky sexual lifestyles, and then going on to give them nothing but a razor-thin layer of porous latex as a barrier between life and a slow, lingering death, is in effect to hand them a loaded gun.


2 Responses to Evil Defeats Good: UN Responsible for AIDS Rising in Uganda

  1. ultraguy says:

    Whatever good the UN may have done in the past, or may do by accident from time to time, is routinely overwhelmed by one simple, structural impediment (paralleled in the protestant diaspora, btw): lumping and averaging the opinions of the good, the bad and the just-plain-ugly can never lead to a moral outcome. The perennial parade of tyrants, thugs and liars on the UN Human Rights Commission is merely the most popular example of a much larger phenomenon.

  2. Fr. J. says:

    One of our priests who live in my house here at ND has a program in Haiti to eliminate elephatitis. So, he is in Haiti all the time. Until recently, a large section of the capital’s downtown was militarily under the control of thugs with big guns. The UN peacekeepers were regularly known to just sit in cafes if they showed up for work at all. They just simply wont do their job.

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