Anglican White Superiority at Lambeth … Again

The very lovely Bishop Catherine Roskam

Anglican colonialism/racism rears its ugly head once again at Lambeth. Not only has this woman bishop shown the high quality of TEC social analysis, she has demonstrated in a conclusive fashion the fruits of ordaining feminist women. Notice that she considers every man a virtual violent criminal, even if he is a bishop.

The Right Rev Catherine Roskam, suffragan bishop of New York, with a responsibility for 66 congregations, said domestic violence was culturally acceptable in some parts of the world and that “even the most devout Christians” were guilty of it. In an article in the Lambeth Witness, a daily newsletter produced during the conference by a campaign group Inclusive Church Network, she wrote:

“We have 700 men here.

“Do you think any of them beat their wives? Chances are they do. The most devout Christians beat their wives.

“Culturally, many of our bishops come from places where it is culturally accepted to beat your wife. In that regard, it makes the conversation quite difficult.”

Delegates at Canterbury have been upset at her suggestion that bishops beat their wives, with some saying it is impossible for a man of the cloth even to consider such a thing. But this counterclaim is equally ridiculous: holy orders are no bar to perpetrating violence against others…

…But perhaps bishops should not be surprised by her attitude, which has echoes in an incident from the previous Lambeth conference in 1998, when another American bishop claimed African Christians had only just developed from believing that rocks and trees have spirits and did not understand modern science.

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5 Responses to Anglican White Superiority at Lambeth … Again

  1. Red Maria has left a new comment I rather thought was a scream on the post “Echoes from Canterbury”:

    I don’t know if she does, Ms Book but guess who does? None other than that smarmy self-publicising liquidationist wrecker Gene Robinson. Heh heh heh, he would, wouldn’t he? He’s one of the regular stand up acts at their Prayer Breakfast shows.

    I find people like Catherine Roskum an absolute scream. I haven’t laughed so much since I heard lily white liberals opining that condoms were of such necessity in Africa because, uh, African men couldn’t be expected to abstain from sex or stick to one partner. African men and sex – they just can’t help themselves you know.

    I think someone should put it to Roskum that some American liberal Christians, including, I’m sure, herself, think spousal desertion and multiple “remarriages” are acceptable. That’s moral relativism for you. Some no doubt hold the view that a little light S&M between mutually consenting parties in the context of a fulfilling relationship is also perfectly acceptable. Now if she accepts that there are White American couples with such racy tastes, she should also accept or at least admit the possibility that there are African couples who may find the same sort of thing arousing. Thus she could be reassured that her lurid fantasies about big bad African male wifebeaters are misplaced.

  2. diane says:

    Who is Red Maria? She wields a gifted pen indeed.

  3. diane says:

    LOL, I loved this commnt, too, by one AllyF:

    Yeah, but more to the point, how many of those bishops beat their boyfriends?

    BTW, loved your reference to the lovely Bishop Roskum. Why does one just know the old biddy will look exactly like that? It’s the same with dissident nuns–one just knows they’ll look like Joan Chittister on steroids, and, most of the time, as it turns out, they do.

  4. Diane – one wonders if Sister Joan does not kick herslef for not going “Piskie” a couple of decades ago. She could have been a (Prime!) bishop by now!

    Day late, dollar short… Poor thing.

  5. If you ever want to read a reader’s feedback :) , I rate this article for 4/5. Decent info, but I just have to go to that damn yahoo to find the missed parts. Thank you, anyway!

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