PZ Meyers Offers Us A Chance To Make Reparation And A New Saint!

I have much hope and love in my heart for PZ Myers, the militant disrespectful professor who desecrated the Eucharist. Not because I agree with what he has done – not in the least…

But I too was mired in the darkness of the sophistry that possesses him. There is hope.

In all irony, his actions may well lead to TWO greater goods – the return to reception on tongue, and so many prayers being sent heavenward on his behalf that the Grace shall grow irresistible. His conversion is imminent in God’s time.

Have a Mass offered for PZ Myers, in reparation for his sins, and for the conversion of his heart.

One day in heaven, he will thank you.

Don’t spend any time hating him.  Spend all that time praying for him.

Contact any of the following to have a Mass offered on his behalf:

Catholic Near East Welfare Association

Divine Word Missionaries

Seraphic Mass Association


Pontifical Missions Society

Franciscan Missions

Society of Saint John


Golgotha Monastery

Cistercian Abbey of Our Lady of Spring Bank

Aid To The Church In Need

One Response to PZ Meyers Offers Us A Chance To Make Reparation And A New Saint!

  1. Fr. J. says:

    One thing about this story is almost comical to me–that PZ Meyer could only come up with a desecration that included a rusty nail. Like Jesus hasn’t been through THAT before and come out on the other side. PZ reports this without irony, apparently unaware that he had re-enacted the crucifixion on the real presence of his Lord and God. What merits were unleashed by this second passion of our Lord we will know and chuckle about in the Life to Come.

    What must be so frustrating to those who seek to persecute the Church is that everything that can be done to the body of Christ, already has been done with the fruit of a billion and more Catholics the obvious outcome. The end of the story has already been written and accomplished. They cannot win.

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