Robert Munday: Bribery by Liberals Widespread among Poor African Anglican Bishops

ABC Rowan Williams

Dr. Robert S. Munday, Dean of the conservative Anglican seminary, Nashotah House, in an extraordinary moment of frankness admits that the Anglican Communion is riddled with political bribery as wealthy Western liberals threaten to withdraw humanitarian funding from conservative African bishops or promise them preferments if they withhold their support of GAFCON. This is the height of corruption and moral bankruptcy. He states:

“But the overwhelming tendency has been for those in the liberal church structures of the Global North to subvert any parts of the Global South that they can win, seduce, or buy. I have seen countless times what 30 pieces of silver can pay for when measured in rice, maize, potatoes, clinics, schools, episcopal preferments, project grants, opportunities to study abroad, appointment to international commissions, etc.

I spoke just today with a candidate for bishop in a Global South diocese. I mentioned that it was odd that none of the bishops from dioceses in his province had attended GAFCON, when only a few years ago, his province was looked on as soundly orthodox. He said sadly that his was a poor province and its bishops were “easily bought.” In the months prior to GAFCON, each of the dioceses in his province “had been visited.” (It was clear he was referring to visits by representatives of the western churches eager to see that bishops there distanced themselves from GAFCON.)”

This is appalling but not really surprising. The tiny Episcopal Church in the US is known to have deep pockets and an ideological drive that will stop at nothing to force its agenda. I just never thought I would see Anglicans admit to such corruption publicly. I take this as a sign that the Anglican Communion really is coming to an end. Even her greatest advocates are no longer willing to keep her scandals quiet.

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2 Responses to Robert Munday: Bribery by Liberals Widespread among Poor African Anglican Bishops

  1. ultraguy says:

    I think you mean ‘appalling’. If it was “a-Paul-ing”, they’d actually be headed in the right direction! ;-)

  2. Fr. J. says:

    ah, thanks. my error is appalling, too.

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