Shame: Catholic Charities Procures an Abortion?

What’s going on in Richmond, Virginia? Catholic Charities take teenage refugee to have and abortion.

I have just this afternoon called Commonwealth Catholic Charities regarding this case. The staff of Commonwealth Catholic Charities readily admitted that this story is true, but also gave me assurances that this was an effort of four Catholic Charities employees taken independently of their work. All four of these employees have been terminated by Catholic Charities, and the organization clearly publicly opposes abortion.

Still, this is not the first time that pro-abortionists have sought to undermine the Catholic mission. Catholics must always be vigilant in our institutions and in our hiring practices.


2 Responses to Shame: Catholic Charities Procures an Abortion?

  1. Fr. J. says:

    At the time of this posting, this video has only 43 views. Let’s get the word out to make sure this kind of thing doesnt happen again.

  2. Charles R. Williams says:

    It is a fair generalization to say that the mentality of Catholic Charities throughout the US is thoroughly secular. As such, what happened in VA is no surprise.

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