GAFCON did nothing…

…well next to nothing. Status of conservative Anglicans prior to GAFCON:

  1. problematic membership in the AC which de facto now ordains gay bishops.
  2. odd structures not recognized by Canterbury (bishops of some provinces exercising authority in the territory of other provinces)
  3. inability to force the ABC to enforce church discipline
  4. a unity of agreement on gay issues between Anglocatholics and evangelical Anglicans
  5. status a party within Anglicanism rather than defining Anglicanism

So, what is the status of conservative Anglicans post GAFCON? Exactly the same with some minor differences:

  1. still members of the AC which de facto now ordains gay bishops, etc.
  2. assurances that the odd structures involving bishops operating extraterritorially will be suported by a new province operating extraterritorially.
  3. still unable to get the ABC or any other official organ of the AC to enforce church discipline or teach the gospel with clarity.
  4. GAFCON effectively shunned Anglocatholics by asserting the 39 Articles as the next authority after scripture, so the party position is actually weaker now.
  5. the conservatives are now a formalized party within the AC and still dont get to define Anglicanism.

One thing can be said with certainty, Anglicans have a charism for drama without substance. All this posturing has done is grab headlines without achieving much else except for throwing Anglocatholics under the bus. But, these Anglicans HAVE masterfully achieved what their predecessors have always done: they have found a way to stay in the AC without changing their position or requiring others to do the same. Thus, they have committed the classic Anglican error: when in doubt on a theological matter, teach all sides. GAFCON has simply institutionalized the fact that the Anglican Communion has two teachings on homosexuality.

It only took about 150 years for the AC to destroy the last reform party: the Anglocatholics whose party began in mid 19th Century was finally destroyed this week with the vote for woman bishops in the CofE. How long before the GAFCON party is excised??? I will give them less than 10 years, and maybe less than a year.

*I know this is not the GAFCON logo, just couldn’t resist.

2 Responses to GAFCON did nothing…

  1. You got that right!

    Well, maybe not NOTHING. It did confirm me in my suspicion that Anglicans are all talk.

    I guess that is something.

  2. We noticed you posted our company logo on your blog and are requesting you take it off. Thank you.

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