To Hear The SSPX Tell It….


One hopes the Pope of Rome can be found Catholic enough!


One Response to To Hear The SSPX Tell It….

  1. mon says:

    I have stumbled over this comment about SSPX. I found you via adriennes catholic corner. I fantastic site.
    I am new to this blog thing.
    I recently found myself on a Catholic site advertised by the Universe newspaper. I enjoy discussing my faith, but found the site very arguementative and asking for pre vatican II evidence to back up thoughts and points of faith.
    I found the site quite toxic and worried about other newer enquirers finding themselves there.
    It turns out alot of its members are SSPX supporters. I’d never heard of it.
    I find it really quite frightening that this kind of judgemental extremism is allowed to voice opinion and describe our lovely Popes as bad Popes and get away with it.

    I’ve also discovered that the inspired work of Richard Rohr ( Fransciscan ) is being hushed and people excommunicated for following his teachings….

    I find the whole thing very confusing.
    I hope this is the right place to post this sort of comment.
    Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion of course. From what I can see though and understand with my tiny mind, the SPPX are missing the Spirit???
    Its all about control and manipulation and nothing about Love.

    Thank you for letting me get that off my chest

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