ComBox Hero: Ridgerunner on “The Sack of Constantinople”

Re: The Sack of Constantinople

Yes, Catholicism should forever be condemned for the 2,000 Orthodox (some of whom were combatants) in the sack of Constantinople. But, by the same token:

I think the Eastern Orthodox should forever feel guilty and be blamed for African slavery and the murder of American Indians. Being mostly white, they share the guilt, as do all white people everywhere, both living and dead, whether their ancestors, let alone they, themselves, directly participated or not.

Furthermore, they should be forever condemned for wasting their resources fighting and weakening the Zoroastrian Persians and themselves so that the Arab Muslims were able to overcome them both.

Not only that, the poor Tatars, whose empire Orthodoxy destroyed, are owed an endless apology and the restoration of the territory and loot taken from them.

And think of the innocent Turks whom they invaded shortly after WW I, massacreing many. Yet, they failed to war on the Turks when the “heretic” Armenians needed them the most. A million Armenians died needlessly because the Orthodox Greeks and Russians, who were right there, and could have stopped it, wouldn’t lift a finger.

And World War I itself. Had it not been for that Orthodox Gavrilo Princep killing the Austrian Archduke, that war would never have happened. Constantinople was amply avenged on the Somme alone.

And Orthodoxy invaded German East Prussia in WWI before ever a German shot was fired at them. And when, by the way, is Orthodoxy going to restore Eastern Poland and Konigsberg to their rightful owners?

And what of the innocent Poles, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Czechs, Hungarians, Western Ukrainians and East Germans who groaned under the heel of Orthodox despotism after WW II? You owe much to them.

And in our own time, you should feel guilty for the killing of Turks on Cyprus.

And to this very day, Orthodoxy murders Chechens simply because they do not wish to be ruled by Orthodoxy. Orthodoxy provided to Saddam Hussein, and now provides to Iran, the materials needed to produce weapons of mass destruction.

And of course there are the 10,000 Italians to be remembered, who were massacred by the Orthodox shortly before the Fourth Crusade.

Not guilty, you say? I agree. You are no more guilty of those things than Catholics and Catholicism are guilty of the sack of Constantinople.


2 Responses to ComBox Hero: Ridgerunner on “The Sack of Constantinople”

  1. Robert says:

    Whenever I see competitions regarding who is the most persecuted I cringe. The inevitable list of wrongs can be quite long on all sides of any debate. For this reason, I think that we all should desist from doing such things because rather than bolstering the case for Catholicism or Orthodoxy it actually makes both look quite bad.

    I suppose it’s a welcome break from filioque debates (?).

  2. Zan says:

    there is also the complete liquidation of the Greek Catholic faith in Belurus and eastern Poland during the 19th century by Eastern Orthodox authorities.

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