June 14:

Saint Teopista, Virgin & Martyr of Rome
Martyred under the reign of Emperor Valerian

One Response to June 14:

  1. Nan says:

    Courtesy of santaebeati and bad googlematic translations:

    Tradition has it that the couple Teopista, lived under the Emperor Valerian, preferred martyrdom to the attentions of a young patrician. Her body then in’600, a period that saw the spread of the cult of the martyrs and the frenzy all’accaparramento of their relics, was traversed from the catacombs of Priscilla (1665) to the Church of Mary SS. Assumption of Monsampolo del Tronto for the will of GB Corradi.

    E ‘co picena the city and is celebrated the first Sunday of May and 14 June. The “holy body” lies under the altar of the confraternity of S. Nome di Gesù nella Chiesa parrocchiale. Name of Jesus parish in the Church.

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