June 13: Blessed Marianna Biernacka, New Martyr Of Poland

Blessed Marianna Biernacka, 1888 – 1943

Marianna Biernacka (1888-1943) gave her life in place of her pregnant daughter-in-law and was shot on 13 July 1943 in Naumowicze near Grodno.

SOURCE: http://www.ewtn.com/library/MARY/bios99.htm#Marianna


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  1. Nan says:

    Courtesy of Santiebeati and bad google translations:

    Pope John Paul II proclaimed her blessed on June 13, 1999 in Warsaw during his seventh apostolic visit to Poland, 108 martyrs victims of persecution against the Polish Church, emerged during the German occupation from 1939 to 1945.

    The racial hatred operated by the Nazis, caused more than five million casualties among the civilian population of Poland, including many religious, priests, bishops and lay Catholics.

    Among the many could be, according to information gathered and testimonies, educate various processes for the beatification of 108 martyrs, the first process was opened on January 26, 1992 by the Bishop of Wloclaweck, where the largest number of victims was martyred; in this process confluirono then others and the number of the Servants of God, initially came as 92 to 108.

    The large group of martyrs is composed of four main groups, according to the separate states of life: bishops, diocesan clergy, religious families of men and women and laity; belonged to 18 dioceses, all’Ordinariato Military and 22 religious families.
    There are three bishops, 52 are diocesan priests, 3 seminarians, 26 religious priests, brothers professed 7, 8 religious, lay 9. Subirono torture, mistreatment, imprisoned, almost all ended their days in concentration camps, sadly famous Dachau, Auschwitz, Sutthof, Ravensbrück, Sachsenhausen; suffered as appropriate, the gas chamber, beheading, shooting, ‘ hanging of cask or massacred by guards of the fields.

    Parent of 9 laity is the blessed Marianna Biernacka the Diocese of Lomza in Poland, was born in 1888 in Lipsk, in a family of Orthodox Christians. In 17 years in 1905, together with her family, passed between the Catholics of the Latin rite.

    At 20 years she married the rite Catholic with Ludwik Biernacki; from the marriage were born six children. After the death of her husband coabitò Stanislaus with her son and his wife, sharing her life with the young couple, showing wisdom Christian and brotherly love towards them and their children.

    When Lipsk on 1 July 1943, was hit by a reprisal German and shocked by mass arrests, even the young pregnant daughter-in-law of another son was arrested, then Marianna came forward and proposed instead of to save her daughter-in-law and life of the unborn child.

    It was a noble impulse of love of a simple woman of 55 years, who offered her life for others, as already made s.Maximilian Maria Kolbe (1894-1941) monk monastery in the field of Auschwitz.

    The exchange was accepted and those arrested were translated into prison, moved from there to Naumowicz at Grodno (now in Belarus) and shot on July 13, 1943.

    And the Church wanted to combine so many of her sons consecrated, Poland victims of Nazi barbarity, this humble woman, which amounted to them, recognizing Jesus in his fellow, put into practice that evangelical “Whoever loses his life for me, save. “

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