The Daily Maronite: The Miracle of the WORD

The Miracle of the WORD


2000 years ago, God has said His WORD. He said everything He wanted to say in Jesus Christ. He sent His only Son to the world, to save the world. He showed us the power of the Word, the need for the Word (for salvation), and the way everything can be fulfilled through the Word to overcome evil. Do I believe in the power of my word? Do I know how much my word is needed in my community? Where can my word be fulfilled overcoming evil?

The power of the word:
The word has the power to destroy or to build: The word “I hate you” is totally different from the word “I love you”. Each word has a different effect on the person who hears it.
The word has the power to create a certain atmosphere: Swearing at home can create a very tense atmosphere in the family. Speaking calmly can create a peaceful atmosphere at home.

The word has the power to transform those who receive it: Your word can transform despair into hope, desolation into consolation, slavery into freedom, darkness into light, sickness into healing. The centurion asked Jesus to “only say the word and he shall be healed.”

The word has the power to destroy evil: Pope John Paul II has never used weapons to overcome the evil of communism. Rather, he used his word. With his word, he liberated Poland and the Soviet Union collapsed.
The Maronite Patriarch has never used weapons to overcome the evil of the Syrian regime. Rather, he used his word. With his word, he liberated Lebanon.

We search for the word in order to be consoled, to feel loved, to know who we are, to change the way we feel, think, talk, etc…
Some people search for the word in the gospels, horoscopes, magazines, TV, homilies, friends, books, etc… We are all hungry for a word.

We also long to say our word. We want our word (= dreams, hopes, love, vocation) to become flesh (= seen, touched, heard).

The world without the word:
In the year 2000, the Maronite Patriarch has seen the misery of the Lebanese people who needed healing, reconciliation, light, salvation, for Lebanon has been occupied by the Israelis & the Syrians for over 25 years. The Israelis & the Syrians were offending the dignity of the Lebanese people, imprisoning some, exiling others, killing some, hurting others. We (the Lebanese people) were living in the big prison” (the whole country was a prison). We needed the light, healing, salvation, a way out. We were humiliated under occupation, abandoned, abused. Lebanon was a hostage. We were controlled by the beast. We needed salvation. God heard our cry for help and He so loved the Lebanese people that He appointed the Maronite Patriarch a “word who became flesh (= heard and seen).” On September 2000, the Maronite Patriarch made his word flesh (= heard). He spoke what nobody dared to say. He asked the Syrians to get out. The Maronite Patriarch broke the fear of his people and the Cedar Revolution began in 2005. Lebanon was liberated.

That’s how humanity was before the coming of the Messiah. It was controlled by the evil power. It needed healing, light, salvation. The whole humanity was in a big prison. The whole world was a big prison. No one dared to say the word. Humanity was a hostage. But God so loved the world that He sent His only Son to save the world. The Word became flesh, he lived among us, and we saw his glory. Jesus Christ broke the fear of humanity and the Church began. Humanity was liberated. Salvation was offered to all those who accept it (all those who believe in Christ).

If your world (nation, family, community) is a hostage that needs healing, salvation, light, you got to say the word (= speak out against injustices, abuse, evil). Make your word flesh. Many may persecute you for that, but take courage, Jesus Christ has conquered the world.

Humanity has known the love of God because of the WORD. The Lebanese have known the love of God because of the Patriarch’s word. The people you take care of will know the love of God because of your word (= vocation, love, fight for justice).
The world without the WORD was a big prison. Lebanon without the Patriarch’s word was a big prison. Your community without your word is a big prison. Do you trust your word? Make your word flesh.

It is fulfilled:
Your vocation is fulfilled on the cross. The WORD who became flesh was crucified. With His crucifixion, the plan of salvation was fulfilled. Christ has overcome death with His Death & Resurrection. Unless the grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much fruit. (John 12:24). The Death & Resurrection of Christ produced much fruit (= the Church & Christians).

Today, the Maronite Patriarch, the leader of the Maronite Church, is on a hit list of people to be killed in Lebanon. The Beast is retaliating against the Cedar Revolution. The Beast is totally unwise. He does not know that by killing the Patriarch, he will be committing suicide. He is going to the abyss. I have a feeling that the Patriarch will be martyred (probably very soon), because unless the grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much fruit. His future martyrdom will produce much fruit (= free people, true Lebanese) + (Reconciliation between the Lebanese people).
With his martyrdom everything will be fulfilled.

With your word and your martyrdom, you will overcome evil in this world. But very few people are called to this great vocation. Very few die for the sake of their communities so that everyone may live free.
In this world you have two options: either to be a hostage living in fear without being persecuted or to be free living in peace but persecuted. I choose the latter: FREEDOM.

Some questions:
What does it mean to you to “make your word flesh”?
Do you pay attention to the word you say? (it may hurt, it may build up)
Do you know how effective the word could be within your environment?
If you see some injustices within your family (community), do you have the courage to speak out (the word)?
What do you do (or you like to do) when you see the people you take care of in need of consolation, inner healing, attention? 

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