All Growed Up!: The JP2 Kids Grow Into B16’s Men

The world moves in seconds, minutes and days.

The Church moves in years, decades and centuries.

Not for nothing, something like 20% of the episcopate in the US has come of retirement age since B16 ascendency in 2005. If today’s seminarians are the “John-paul-2-kids” tomorrow’s bishops will be “Benedict’s boys”. He is a remarkably healthy 81, 3 years in with a reasonable and realistic chance of more years of his papacy ahead of him than behind him…

I haven’t seen exact numbers, but just for speculation’s sake, in the course of a 7 year period (starting in April 2005) is it reasonable and realistic to believe or suspect that 40% of the bishops serving in 2005 will be retiring? I bet if we ran the numbers that is very possible… So far looking at what the appointments have been… Well I expect the next ten years to be VERY interesting with what will be going on among the men already appointed, and the men who will be appointed.

Everyone get back to me in 2018 for a look back at this discussion – if we can gather at a watering hole, the first round will be on me.

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