May 21: Blessed Manuel Gómez González

Blessed Manuel Gómez González, 1877 – 1924

21 May
Ordained in 1902 in the archdiocese of Braga, Portugal. Transferred to the diocese of Frederico Westphalen, Brazil in 1913. Known as a concerned pastor to his flock, and for his social work in the region. Martyred with his altar boy, Blessed Adilo Daronche.
29 May 1877 in San José de Ribarteme, Pontevedra, Spain
martyred on 21 May 1924 in Feijão Miúdo, Três Passos, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
16 December 2006 by Pope Benedict XVI
21 October 2007 by Pope Benedict XVI
pending; if you have information relevant to the canonization of Blessed Manuel, contact:
   Paróquia e Santuário Nossa Senhora da Luz
   Av. Rocha Loires, 340
   C. P. 22, 99600-000 Nonoai– RS,


One Response to May 21: Blessed Manuel Gómez González

  1. Jaime Gomez Gonzalez says:

    Please send biography of the Blessed martyr Manuel Gómez González, 1877 – 1924.

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