Abortion Survivor: The Gianna Jessen Story

Gianna Jessen came into the world as a surprise. Her 17-year-old mother knew she was pregnant. She also knew she didn’t want to be. She underwent an abortion procedure, having toxic saline solution injected into the womb during the third trimester.

Jessen, then in the womb for 7½ months, spent 18 hours in the solution. “It burns the baby inside and out,” she said. “(The mother) is to deliver a dead baby within 24 hours.” But when a 2-pound Jessen emerged, she was alive.

“I did not die that day,” Jessen said. “I was delivered alive in a Los Angeles County abortion clinic in a room full of teenage girls who had already had the saline injections and were feeling their children die inside of them.”

And she sings!

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Amazing account of sneaky testimony before Colorado legislature

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17 Responses to Abortion Survivor: The Gianna Jessen Story

  1. aboriente says:

    I was speechless about the Colorado testimony story.

    God continue to give her strength to testify.

    Praise be to God!

  2. Fr. J. says:

    Thanks, Father. The first time I read it, it brought tears.

  3. aboriente says:

    Dear Father J.

    I’m actually not a priest or a deacon… I am a sub-deacon. So please just call me Anthony, or Ant or something.

    Father Bless!

  4. June says:

    This is just sickening, how can someone do something like this? These irresponsible girls are mature enough to have intercourse, they should also be mature enough to know that even with contraception that there is still a possibility of getting pregnant.

    As a young woman, I cannot imagine killing my own child and feeling my child die inside of me. Have they ever heard of adoption or abstinence?

  5. laurisa hickey says:

    i read the book ‘Gianna’. it was touching and it made me happy to know that she survived. i know many young girls have abortions because they don’t want to have a baby but abortion is not the answer. even if you don’t want the child, give birth to him or her and give them up for adoption, there are many people who want a child but cannot have one themselves. you could be their answered prayer.

    laurisa hickey

  6. […] a movie dedicated to a new Catholic saint. She sacrificed her life to save her unborn baby girl.  Gianna Jessen has taken her name.  Watch for references to St. Gianna to sweep the culture as she embodies the […]

  7. Logic says:

    You people are bonkers.

  8. Fr. J. says:

    Not much of an argument, Logic. Simple attacks on character will not suffice here; they only show that the speaker has nothing to add to the conversation.

  9. Lana says:

    I just learned of this woman because she was in our local paper. If I were her birth mother, I’d sue on the grounds that she would not have her “career” if not for the attempted abortion. I can’t believe this woman has made a career out of this! It’s ridiculous. She has gained from her mother’s misfortune. It’s sick! And she’s even gone so far as to connect her “survival” to God?? It was a botched abortion from back in the 70’s! There was nothing divine about it. The medical staff simply made a mistake. The mom should have sued the abortion clinic. Oh, gah, I am just so disgusted after reading about this woman. I had to vent somewhere, and this is the first place I found in an internet search. People will profit from ANYTHING these days!

    • Iris Murray says:

      Whats Divine about it? Everything is divine about this Testimony.. I praise God for her life. Jeremiah 1:5 say’s “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” This are the words that God has spoken to her, like he did with Jeremiah.

      Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,who have been called according to his purpose.
      She(Gianna Jensen) knows her purpose in the life God has given her.. HONOR AND GLORY TO THE KING OF KINGS!!! WE LOVE YOU JESUS! Thanks for the life we have in you!!!

    • Sylvia says:

      I am disgusted after reading your comments! This young lady has God in her heart, which you don’t have! She is not gaining anything from her “mother’s misfortune”. She is spreading God’s word and that miracles DO happen! YOU ARE SICK!

    • Allyson says:

      Umm…her life is her own to do with what she will. Why do you have to be such a hater? If she is profiting from this, which I highly doubt is very much, it is because abortion exists. Imagine if people choose not to have abortions, there would be no profit to be had.

      Sadly, Abortion is itself profitable because there is much that can be done with the “medical waste” such as the production of vaccines (like MMR since about 1985). Not all aborted babies end up in dumpsters or are sent down the drain (which really has happened and is really sick and twisted).

      Abortion is NOT about women’s rights. It never was, and never can be. It’s about profit and eugenics, but not women’s rights.

      Pharmaceutical companies can make more profit from abortion in a single year than I am sure she has totaled.

      God Bless.

    • Anonymous says:

      to lana You have some heart, yet it pumps blood for you and keeps you alive. Who are you to say that you can breathe but another person cannot. You aren’t breathing on your own anyway, did you pay for your air? Someone needs to give you a good thump on the head to knock out a few dead brain cells…oops the head shrink botched up your lobotomy, maybe you should sue.

    • Ugo says:

      the first thing I can say to you, Lana, is that you are somebody to be pitied.

      People fight against unjust convictions, death penalties, even the war in Iraq. did they do this because of financial gain?

      I’m certain you don’t think so.

      People go about giving testimonies after they’re freed from unjust convictions. People cheer them on, and sympathise with them.

      I’m certain you’ll be one such person.

      A woman survives being murdered before she was even born, and wants to share the story in order to end the injustice of abortion, and you want to pretend that it’s all about money?

      truly, you are despicable.

  10. Gianna is very blessed my mother left me and i now live with my aunt who adopted me in
    1996 she is the greatest blessing god has
    given me. I read a book about Gianna when i
    was about 12 and it brought tears in my eyes
    her story is so breath taking and real i am
    now 16 years old and after reading her story
    I’ve made a comittment to myself and God .
    It really breaks my heart to even see a young mother put her own fleshin blood but her baby through that is’s so sad i want the
    society to realize that is this what you really want to do to your child ? may God bless !!!!!!!!!!

  11. Julissa Marta says:

    I agree with you my dear friend. Giana Jessen if this is you or not all I wanted to say is that I am proud of you. Even God especially those who really care about you. Your story is a miracle. My dear friend don’t stop what you’re doing. What you’re doing is making a difference. Keep at it. Ignore the bad remarks that people say about they are blind they don’t want to see the truth. Supporting abortion makes them criminals. You my dear friend, continue the journey that God has prepared for you. From a friend, Julissa.

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