The Daily Maronite: persecution & mission

persecution & mission


Deir El Kamar has a long history of persecution. It is the biggest Christian town in a non-Christian region. In 1860, all of its inhabitants were massacred. Back then, the conflict was incited by the Ottomans (turks). In 1983, 64 villages were completely destroyed. Many people were killed. The rest of the inhabitants of these villages took refuge in Deir El Kamar. Deir El Kamar was spared after 100 days of siege.
Now, there is peace. Christians & Non-Christians have been reconciled with one another.

This village- encircled with red color in the picture- is a non-Christian village. Its people are very kind, hospitable, and clean. They send their children to catholic schools (universities). They send them to the universities of Deir El Kamar. This is why we consider Deir El Kamar an important place of mission.
We have a great mission. But when we say mission, it doesn’t mean the same as you understand it in the USA. Our mission is not preaching Christ to non-Christians, it is rather a testimony of life & values, morals & love. It is being Christ in their midst.
Pray for us.


One Response to The Daily Maronite: persecution & mission

  1. David says:

    Why are Catholics so afraid of the idea of “preaching Christ to non-Christians”? The Apostles certainly had no qualms about marching into a town and saying, “What you are worshipping is false! Come to Christ!” Of course, the Church for years has been getting wimpier and wimpier. O tempora!

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