April 29: Blessed Maria Maddalena dell’Incarnazione

Blessed Maria Maddalena dell’Incarnazione, 1770 –1824

More information in English would be welcome!


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  1. nan says:

    Here you go, courtesy of google bad translations:

    Catherine Sordini was born in Porto Santo Stefano (Grosseto) April 17, 1770, at 16 years she was promised in marriage to a son of Sorrento, Alfonso Capece, but she declined the choice and following her desire, she entered between Terziarie Franciscan of Ischia Castro (Viterbo), received the religious habit on October 26, 1799.

    She had as a guide and spiritual father Don Giovanni Baldeschi and as often happens, from this deep spiritual bond, Caterina Ricavò ideal was to found a new religious institute dedicated perpetual adoration of the Eucharist, the heart and summit of all Christian life.
    Meanwhile in Chapter of April 20, 1802 of Terziarie Franciscan, she was elected abbess at just 32 years old and changed her name to Mary Magdalene of the Incarnation, she devoted herself to a strong economic adjustment of the house and a restoration of life regular Terziarie.
    The period of her government was accompanied by a series of extraordinary phenomena and a growing fervor of spiritual life, so throughout the area spread the fame of the young abbess, who still had never abandoned the ideal of nuns adoratici.

    With the agreement of his father Baldeschi and the bishop of Acquapendente, Msgr. Pierleone, began drawing up the rules of the new Institute. On July 8, 1807, they left Island Castro and the Franciscan Terziarie and with the encouragement of Pius VII, inaugurated in Rome the first home of “Perpetue Adorers of the SS. Sacramento “in a former Carmelite convent alle Quattro Fontane.

    During the French occupation of Rome, the Congregation was forcibly dissolved under Napoleonic law and Mother Mary Magdalene of the Incarnation was sent into exile, first in Porto Santo Stefano and then in Florence. In Tuscany she had the opportunity to meet some young people who formed the initial group of new Adorers, when they could return to Rome in S. Anna al Quirinale, March 19, 1814. Four years later, on February 13, 1818, Pope Pius VII finally approved the Institute, which was now dedicated to solemn and public exposure of SS. Sacramento, with the continuing adoration.

    The Mother Foundress, died in Rome on April 29, 1824, leaving a reputation of holiness and extraordinary phenomena that had accompanied her life. She was buried in S. Anna al Quirinale, with the permission of the pope, who then had his residence in the Quirinal palace, but in 1839 her remains were transferredto the church of St. Mary Magdalene in Monte Cavallo, new headquarters in Rome Adorers Perpetue and simultaneously processes for her beatification and canonization were launched and today are at an advanced stage.

    The sisters are currently in Europe, America, Africa and in Italy are present in twelve houses (2001), the first of which were Naples and Rome. Pope John Paul II declared her “Venerable” on April 24, 2001. Pope Benedict XVI on December 17, 2007 recognized a miracle attributed to her intercession. The celebration of her beatification takes place on May 3, 2008 at the Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano, in Rome.

    Author: Antonio Borrelli

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