Help Needed In Ivory Coast

One Bread Delivers Bibles to St. John the Baptist Mission in Mandallah

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Africa:


This summer our African Missionary in the Ivory Coast, West Africa, travelled north in his country to the city of Mandallah, and the St. John the Baptist Mission to delivery 688 bibles in two native languages spoken by the villagers.


Above, at a special Mass at which the bibles were presented to the congregation, the altar servers carried some of the bibles to the altar.

The grant to purchase these bibles for the mission was provided by a Catholic foundation in Raleigh, North Carolina. The congregation was most grateful and will use these bibles in their catechism classes.

Below One Bread’s African representative, Bekoli Boika, presents the bibles to the priest in front of the congregation.


The Congregation of St John the Baptist Mission at the start of the Mass at which the bibles were presented.


To request materials for use in Africa, please contact:
Mr. Boika Bekoli Louis
One Bread Lay Apostolate-Africa
25 BP 1100 Abidjan 25
Ivory Coast, West Africa
(+225) 07845050

4 Responses to Help Needed In Ivory Coast

  1. Dr. Acula says:

    My wife used to live in Abidjan, I’m going to send her this link.

  2. May you kindly get me the contact of Stigmatine Fathers in the Ivory Coast,
    all my effort to get the con tact online proved abortive. I had sent several mails to their house in the US to no avail. I will be very grateful if you can assist me.

    May God bless you as you do so.

  3. sorry, I forget to indicate where I am from. I am from Nigeria a catholic by birth and remained very active in the faith.

  4. Amadi Osita Remigius says:

    Pls kindly help me with the contact address, email or phone number of the Vocation Director of the Stigmatine Fathers and Brothers in Ivory Coast.
    I am interested joining them.

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