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I am running hot and cold on the “Possibly Related Posts” that just up and appeared (gee, thanks WordPress)…

It is an all or nothing sort of thing – if you opt out of it, your posts never get linked elsewhere… OTOH, if you just want to remove a particular link because you don’t want to be associated with that content… you seem to be out of luck.

I will try to give it a week… After that, I may have to sit this out until “Possibly Related Posts 2.0” comes out and I have a little more editorial control as to what is getting attached to our work.


11 Responses to “Possibly Related Posts” from WordPress.com

  1. Bob Catholic says:

    I switched it off! I am not that desperate for hits (yet!).

  2. I kind of like the possibility of traffic… Some really anti-Catholic stuff might get linked… on the flip side, who knows where I will find a new Cordelia?

    Interesting that there are no “possibly related posts” about “possibly related posts” just yet. hmmm.

  3. eyeingtenure says:

    I already hate this feature.

  4. It can be removed – see the link at the top of this post for directions how to do so…

    You don’t have to suffer, my tenure-eyeing brother!

    BTW – loved some of the links in your blog. I am sympathetic to teachers who are now the victims of the media’s obesseion with exposing crises… In 6 decades somewhere around >.08% of priests were ever so much as accursed of anything… The ones that were were <80% basically gay priests going after 15 year olds (Still wrong!) and from there we got to a point where the media could not stop talking about the “Priesthood Pedophilia Crisis… I think the teachers (lucky them!) are just getting their day in the sun as some especially poorly run school districts get exposed… From there… well, good luck teachers.

    Sorry to go off on tangent!

  5. ultraguy says:

    Like their policy preventing innocuous referral code links to Amazon and others http://newine.wordpress.com/2008/02/27/silly-restrictions-on-commerce/ (not really spelled out in their policy because it’s incoherent and arbitrary) this new thing smacks of the same kind of domineering thinking about the control they’re willing to give to their bloggers. Yeah, I know, it’s free. But with sudden, intrusive shifts like this, they are rapidly pushing me back to Blogger. Google has its own issues in this regard, but they pale by comparison. Nice tool (WordPress). I hate being reminded that I’m a tenant-at-will.

  6. Boy you hit the nail square on the head with that one UG!

    I know that I am not paying anything so I should eat what is on the plate and take it for what it is (as yet I have not seen a need or use to upgrade to the features that cost a few coin – which are fairly cheap stilll…) That as the case may be, I note in the post BFHU did on Purgatory one or two of the “Possibly related posts” are related inasmuch as they are contrarian. It reminds me of early pro-life efforts in Moscow when the government still pretty much owned everything. Anti-abortion offices shared a roof with an abortion clinic – the buereacratic reasoning being “well all abortion related groups go in building X!” Well OK then!

    I would like some say in being able to delete links – as it stands right now it is a zero sum game – all or nothing. Either accept what links they give you to accept, or opt out of the system and never get linked to at all. I am taking a week to see what the fruit of it is… I am not totally on the fence… as right now I am inclined to opt out and the burden of WordPress is to convince me the positives outweigh the obvious negatives…

    And what is up with Tag surfer lately? have you noticed the absolute giberish posts that are popping up in there?

  7. It is funny that there are no possibly-related-posts to my post on “possibly related posts”

  8. Well I got this one as a possibly related post and for the fist time it WAS related!

  9. laikaspoetnik –

    Interestingly, I now DO have a possibly related post to this post on possibly related posts – and it isn’t your related post that was possibly related enough for my possibly related post to appear at your place.

    Isn’t that odd?

  10. sherby57 says:

    I’m fascinated by the “possibly related posts”: there’s either a very obvious connection to the post, or literally none at all. I almost suspect that some people pay WordPress to get an inordinate share of links.

    I’ve recently written a post on “possibly related posts”: http://poursomegravyonme.co.uk/2009/08/20/possibly-related-posts/ and one of the posts that was possibly related is this one. Which is definitely related.

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