Teen mothers? NO!

25 FLDS Mothers Believed To Be Minors.

The horror!

How long before the media quits alluding to all sorts of “child rape” and “pedophilia” and simply publishes real ages?

Among the demographic most common where I live, being pregnant at 16 (in order to be a grandma by 32) is fairly common… OTOH, among the demographic I am a member of (Jebbie-educated 30somethings) the trend is more for “double-income, no kids”/”have our babies when we our forty+”…

Being that the ranks of the ruling elite are drawn from my more “enlightened” pals, I can understand how confounded they would be that teenage women would be mothers…

Don’t these women know they are suppose to have worked on a grad degree, had sex with a dozen men (living in “long term relationships” with two or three of them in their 20s) before getting married around 30, postponing even trying to get pregnat till at least 35/36 and then spend a grand on seeing fertility doctors because they can’t understand what the problem is at their age and after having been on “the pill” for decades?

No, these women should have waited a lot longer, slept with more men, and then dropped a few grand to have (a) kid(s) when they were in their forties. Duh!

The nerve!
5 bob to the Western Confucian


3 Responses to Teen mothers? NO!

  1. the Mom says:

    I think the “women” under discussion here are 13-15 and the fathers of these children are 20-50. A friend of mine is a psychiatrist who has been called in to consult as she specializes in treating sexually abused children in this age-range.

    The comparison with the modern world is what puzzles people, but the age difference is what makes it nasty.

  2. Jennifer says:

    According to a CNN.com article, the government is trying to discern if the children are lying about their age. Many of them do not have birth certificates filed with the state of Texas (or any state for that matter). Obviously a lot has transpired since that article. But every subsequent article implies they are still trying to figure out an accurate way prove their age.

  3. nan says:

    Had these so-called women had choices, likely at least some of them would have made different ones; difficult to do so when you’ve been raised to believe that your only hope for salvation is to be submissive and obedient to the men. “Keep sweet,” they are told. Hopefully some of them will commune with their inner 2-year-old and start saying “no” to that.

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