Don’t maek me cal mi loyer!

I am putting all my fellow bloggers on notice – typos, mispellings, misused homophones and homonyms are MY trademark.

her2-4, ani of u caut yusing my traedmark wil bee hereing from my loyer!


3 Responses to Don’t maek me cal mi loyer!

  1. nan says:

    The problem with depending on misuse alone is that the misuse of language is so pervasive on the interweb that it isn’t readily identifiable as yours alone. It could be anyone. Trademarks are eroded through public use as a generic term for the object at hand (zipper anyone? started life as a trademark; Kleenex and Xerox have made points of not accepting use of their trademark interchangably with the object itself). Your only shot would be to read the internet in its entirety every day (but you do, right?) and notify everyone individually in the blogosphere that their misuse of language infringes your trademark. Every time. But first you’d have to have a trademark.

    On the bright side, there is a whole species of Trademark Attorneys out there who may be happy to bill you at their hourly rate.

  2. dam! you haev a poynt.

  3. nan says:

    Doesn’t it hurt your brain to type like that on purpose?

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