April 7: Blessed Maria Assunta Pallotta, Missionary To China

Blessed Maria Assunta Pallotta, 1878-1905
“the first non-martyr missionary sister to be beatified in the history of the Church.”

One Response to April 7: Blessed Maria Assunta Pallotta, Missionary To China


    DEAR director
    Dear Anton Bereuter, greetings of love joy and peace to from Fr. Joseph here I am safe and secure by the grace of God I hope it is same with you, dear director here I am having nearly seventy five orphan and poor boys, here I am appointed as boarding in charge.
    I hope you might know the statistics of the Indian density of population, for hundred eighty people are poor, and unable to eat for their stomachs, ten how can they come for the study and bring up their lives, that is the main reason demanded me to ask you a little help, because many people are sending their children to me asking little help, for me it is very helpless situation. For that is the reason I am seeking your support, you can give me any form either mass intentions or granting subsidy for these little children. Along with this letter I am sending some photo copies of the children and their activities.

    What I do for these people is

    1). Giving them the Catholic teachings. Such as—teaching them catechism, morality,
    2) And giving them basic Christian education. Sending them to school,
    3) Teaching them games
    4) Giving them proper food, clothing,
    5) Helping the children in every part of their lives.

    Actually for this is the reason I wrote to you asking you to help me in the form of Mass intentions, once again I am at your door steps pleading your support, I hope that you would give me the helping hand and waiting for your reply.

    Dear Anton, people come from different places, for them no cloths half naked people, and literally we could see in them the bones, really the situation is very pathetic, for them we have to give something to eat. And clothing, for their studies books, school bags, more over proper food; per person at least we need 100 euros.
    So I have fifty two children. So I need 5,200.00 euros. So I hope I may get this help from you, and I plead you to grant me this help,
    Here I am in need of your help both by prayers and financial support, really here I am struggling a lot to meet my expenses as well as the parish’ expenses here I am to introduce myself to you I am Fr. Joseph in charge of St. Ann’s church and boarding ask you to support me the way that you want. I could get no sources from any one. if you support me I am the happiest person in this world. I hope that I could get the positive reply from you, let me also become good missionary with your help some times I feel to go away from this life what to do I get some temptations what can I do I know it is very difficult to live like missionary in this mission country, please do continue to pray for me so that I may faithful to my vocation and my mission. Seeking your prayers here I remain in God’s love and keeping in my prayers that may good Lord bless you and keeping you in good health of mind and body
    Yours truly,


    I N D I A

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