Sister Joan of Erie: Jesus Didn’t Ordain Anybody At All


From a few years back in 2004, the noted Joan Chittister,OSB, when speaking with a Buddist female monk (I thought they were called nuns…) explained to the monk-nun that true Christianity wasn’t discriminatory and patriarchal:

“After all, Jesus didn’t ordain anybody at all. So we start out even.”

Or at least so says Pope Joan.

One is left to wonder, given that she doesn’t believe Christ instituted priesthood by ordaining the Apostles… Well doesn’t that reduce priestly ministry to just a function of a man-made (er, “person-made”) concept in her mind? If it does, why bother with the “man-made” (er, “person-made”) Catholic Church?

All things being equal, any denomination or self-appointed group would do.

But to go down that route, I suppose she would have to actually step away from the Catholic Church which has been her bread and butter, given her respectablility, and provided her so many platforms and opportunities over the years…


One Response to Sister Joan of Erie: Jesus Didn’t Ordain Anybody At All

  1. Bob Catholic says:

    LOL …. I love the photo.

    Didn’t Jesus ordain his apostles when he said “This is my Body”? No Eucharist without the priesthood and no priesthood without the Eucharist.

    I do not understand why these people do not just leave?!?! The TEC would be happy to ordain them. Then they can leave, create their own breakaway group that is more something than the one on the other side of the road, elect themselves bishop (or head druid) and be consecrated within some bizarre line and …. (I think you get the point!).

    I do not think that it is an issue of money – they know within themselves that the Catholic Church is true!

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