Belleville’s 60%???


Much hay is being made in the blogosphere about the 60% of priests in Belleville calling on Bishop Braxton to resign. But is this accurate?

To get to the “60%” statistic being bandied about in the press and blogosphere, most are demonstrating that a lot of arbitrary and self-serving qualifications need to be used to achieve it.

To get to the “60%” mark one has to selectively excise a significant group of priests with faculties in the diocese by not counting those who were in orders and not diocesan, those who are on loan, those who are retired and have different capacities of activity.

At the end of the day, you come to 45 signatories actually located in the diocese (one is outside as a military chaplain) out of somewhere between 106-110 with faculties… and only 37 of those signatories not retired.

Interestingly, over at SOIL, a reader offers:

There are 38 active priests in the Diocese ordained 25 years or less.These are the “John Paul II” priests — attracted to the priesthood by the late Pope’s person, teaching, example. They are the bishops, chancellors, vicars general — and good parish priests — in the years to come.Of these 38 JPII priests, only 5 signed the infamous letter! That’s only 13%…This opposition to the Bishop is generational. Those trained/ordained in the 1960’s and 1970’s — who are now in their own ’60’s and 70’s — are the dissenters.

So of the Belleville 45, 40 of them were ordained in the 60s and 70s and now seem to enjoy – like a good many priests from that cohort – popularity among Call To Action and similar crowds. Interesting and telling.

I am still looking to cross-reference the signatories of the letter of revolt to the signatories of the 2005 letter of protest over the +Braxton appointment.

I am betting dollars to donuts that the men protesting today will be found to largely be the same group that were protesting +Braxton before +Braxton even got there. I smell expedience…

And the math just doesn’t add up to 60%.

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