+Braxton’s “Belleville 46” Identified – Look Familiar?

Below is the list of the “Belleville 46” that constitute the majority of the “native born calling for resignation”… That is to say 46 = 60% of the priests with faculties in Belleville if and when you don’t count the 20ish priests who are on loan, and the 41 or so others who didn’t sign the letter of revolt.
fist.jpgSo now that we have this list, can anyone do a little research for me and see if we can find a list of the signatories of the 2005 Letter of Protest against +Braxton’s assignment? I for one would very much like to cross check the list of those who were protesting his assignment with those calling for his ouster.

If they aren’t substantially the same, I will buy intrepid PC reader Rob of Arizona a Heineken. (He will have to come here to get it though – it is not legal to mail it.)

H/T: Doctor E!

1) Rev. Msgr. James A. Buerster
2) Rev. Msgr. Donald W. Eichenseer
3) Rev. Msgr. Thomas D. Flach
4) Rev. Msgr. Jerome D. Hartlein
5) Rev. Msgr. Vincent A. Haselhorst
6) Rev. Msgr. William J. Hitpas
7) Rev. Msgr. Kenneth J. Schaefer
8 ) Rev. Msgr. Carl E. Scherrer
9) Rev. Msgr. Marvin C. Volk
10) Rev. Msgr. Bernard L. Voss
11) Very Rev. Robert B. Flannery
12) Very Rev. Thomas H. Stout
13) Rev. Brian M. Barker
14) Rev. Donald A. Blaes
15) Rev. David L. Braun
16) Rev. Richard L. Daly
17) Rev. James R. Dougherty
18) Rev. Henry J. Fischer
19) Rev. John W. Frerker
20) Rev. J. Clyde Grogan
21) Rev. Gary P. Gummersheimer
22) Rev. Leo J. Hayes
23) Rev. Gerald R. Hechenberger
24) Rev. Stephen J. Humphrey
25) Rev. Wilbert J. Iffert
26) Rev. John J. Joyce
27) Rev. Roger Vermalen Karban
28) Rev. Louis A. Koehr
29) Rev. Donald J. Lenzini
30) Rev. George A. Mauck
31) Rev. Richard G. Mohr
32) Rev. James M. Nall
33) Rev. Eugene J. Neff
34) Rev. Patrick N. Peter
35) Rev. Joseph C. Rascher
36) Rev. William J. Rowe
37) Rev. Stephen A. Rudolphi
38) Rev. Edward F. Schaefer
39) Rev. Mark D. Stec
40) Rev. Joseph L. Trapp
41) Rev. Charles W. Tuttle
42) Rev. David A. Voelker
43) Rev. James A. Voelker
44) Rev. Dennis F. Voss
45) Rev. Jerry E. Wirth
46) Rev. Eugene Wojcik

For the full story see: http://www.bnd.com/breaking_news/story/283221.html

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