More Condoms = More Better?

In the combox of a recent article over at the venerable blog Creative Minority Report, a reader writes:


“The sorrow is that few know that condoms (leaving aside morality) are only “protective” if adequately shipped and stored. The latex perforates in heat (in the back of a semi). These perforation are so minute you don’t see them, but the nasty STDs get through. Worse, AIDS virus is so small it goes through the latex easily. “

Of course I agree… It is all true enough… But would that it were just that simple and easy! There is more to is still!

If the failure rate was the only problem, the Sexual Revolutionaries would then only have to lobby for more funding and research into better product design, transportation and storage. Maybe, if push comes to shove, they could just advise those in the joyful throws of “modern company keeping” to “double bag it!”

BUT (big “but” here) all the titanium condoms in all the world aren’t going to do a good deal to change the reality on the ground just reported by the CDC – that ONE in FOUR teenage girls has an STD

(“Really?” sez you! “Really!” sez me!)


The dirty little non-secret is that for many of them, the venereal diseases they contracted (21%+ HPV& Herpes combined infection) they could and would still contract. Even if condoms were 100% stored correctly, 100% break free… well they would still be getting HPV (which is transmitted skin-to-skin, not via seminal fluid) and still exponentially increasing their chances for cervical cancer as well cervical cancer, as well as anal cancer, vulvar cancer, penile cancer and infertility as a result. Neither of HPV nor Herpes is curable as both are viruses…

(We can save for another day the fallacies that current HPV vaccines on the market prevent all HPV – they protext against a limited number of strains… Mostly focussing on the strains that lead to visible wards. Perons who get the vaccine may never see warts, but could easily become part of the population infected with the other strains… What you can’t see, eh?)

Never mind that if condoms were 100% stored correctly, 100% break free studies have shown that “regular users” NEVER come close to “100% use”. They maybe always use them when they have them. They don’t always have them.

Any way you wrap it – pardon the pun – this is a big sexy lie being taught to children by adults who should know better, but seem to be have vested interest in not fully disclosing these risks.

But never mind that! Bring out more condoms! Truckloads and truckloads of improperly stored, bought from the lowest bidder condoms…

What was that about millstones I heard once?

The foolishness of the Catholic Church is seeming wiser and wiser.

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