Britney Spears Says Vaya Con Dios To ‘God Tattoo’


Britney Spears has had her Kabbalah tattoo removed.

The ‘Toxic’ star had a Hebrew tattoo on the back of her neck bearing one of the 72 words for ‘God’ found in the texts of Kabbalah, a mystical off-shoot of Judaism.

However, when the 26-year-old singer was spotted out shopping in Los Angeles earlier this week, it was clear she has had the tattoo removed. (SOURCE)

Don’t take this as a sign of the end times or a new direction for Per Christum. Britney watching will not become a sport here… Before today I wasn’t sure if she spelled her name with an “e” or an “a”… (And no worries, I can’t tell Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff apart… My roommate ran into Jessica Simpson today – in town for a wedding – and all I could say was “How did you know which one she was?” Apparently “She’s the hot one,” and she is “shorter than you would think,” I digress…)

At any rate, did it ever occur to Britney that when getting involved in Jewish spirituality and mysticism that getting a tattoo in Hebrew for the name of God is tacky to begin with… but the general Jewish consensus on tattoos since the forced tattooing of Holocaust victims in the Nazi Concentration Camps made it doubly inappropriate?

No, probably not. In Hollywood trendy is trendy.

Prayers for Miss Spears… May we hope this is that much less of the influence of the cult of the trendy? We are of course obligated to pray that she become involved with the religion of the original Madonna. Let’s do.


9 Responses to Britney Spears Says Vaya Con Dios To ‘God Tattoo’

  1. Tattoos says:

    Not only Britney but some celebrities also decided to remove their tattoo in past.

  2. Lonewulf says:

    The premise that tattoos are not unfavorable to Jews doesn’t go back to the holocaust. Branding would have been faster and easier. The Nazi’s tattoo’d the Jews as an added indignity because Jews are all about physical purity. Another example is that they (Jews) don’t eat pig or shellfish, because those animals are scavengers. It is so against their religion to put ink in their body (which is actually a poison, but if inserted into the upper epidermis isn’t lethal) that if a person has a tattoo, they are not allowed to be buried in a Jewish cemetery. Actually, exceptions were made because of the holocaust to allow Jewish holocaust victims to be buried with their families even though they were tattooed.

  3. Pablo H. says:

    Many times Hollywood ‘stars’ sell their souls to the Devil.

    Few publically admit to having done so, such as Bob Dylan, the singer:

    Pray that a Priest of God claim Miss Spears’ soul in the Holy name of jesus Christ.

    The Devil does not deserve one single soul.


  4. Pablo H. says:

    Jesus Christ.

    (bad keyboard)

  5. bar says:

    I’m Jewish and I have a tattoo you do not understand how the Jewish religious works not only for religious people to get a tattoo like that nonsense. I am a Jew living in Israel and I eat pork and all this is what be called a secular
    But what Britney did for herself It’s just a combination of several letters without meaning

  6. […] Par šo soli man palīdzēja izšķirties mans garīgais skolotājs no Kabalas studijām un notikums, kas mainīja manu skatu uz […]

  7. home of a tattooed community…

    Britney Spears Says Vaya Con Dios To ‘God Tattoo’ « The Black Cordelias…

  8. This is a great page. Thanks for putting it up. I just got my Hebrew lettering tattoo tattooed yesterday and I love it!

    I got my Hebrew design from a website called Hebrew tattoo

  9. Probably she just thought, “what a nice design” when she took this design and maybe as soon as she found out the meaning, she had it removed?

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