Bishop Braxton Fire Them!


Some 44+ priests of the Diocese of Belville have publicly signed and announced a letter calling for the resignation of their bishop. It is beyond sad, it is a disgrace.

This is some unsolicited advice, from a man of no importance to a bishop not his own in dealing with a matter he can’t be bothered to delve into:

Bishop Braxton give the priests who have signed a document demanding you step down one week to rescind, apologize and reaffirm their filial loyalty to you, their rightful and canonical superior. Failing that they do just that, suspend them.

There is no more to it than that – it is a shameful and embarrassing thing to see this sort of activism by the priests of a diocese against their bishop in this public fashion, and absolutely no good can come of it. Even if they were justified in their complaints against the Bishop (I personally don’t believe they are) this sort of clerical activism and attempt at an “episcopal recall” is beyond foolish and prideful – it is arrogant and destructive.

Irony of ironies, do they really believe that this sort of public insubordination is going to curry favor with Rome? Had they made their case privately through the appropriate channels, that would be one thing. This PR stunt?

Though honestly, I believe these dissidents are the same ones who publicly signed a letter protesting his appointment in 2005! They have been out to get him since day one! Before day one really!

So Bishop Braxton, again, give them a week to publicly recant, and then give them all marching papers. You need disloyal sons about as bad as a dog needs rabies, and only decisive action will send the message as to who is in charge.

If you need help locating replacements for them while getting your vocations program in gear, I can make some recomendations.

They can all be replaced. Fire them.

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