Barack the Magic Negro


Barack Obama’s positions on everything from parental notification to sex shops near schools to sex ed in kindergarten to being the exact opposite of everything I stand for is discussed in this little known video from 8 months ago.

Some disclaimers. First, I am not pleased with the title of this video, but fortunately this vid. doesnt speak about it. Second, this vid. makes references to the “Magical Negro.” This made me a bit uncomfortable until I learned what that expression meant. Then it removed a scale or two from my eyes. The LA Times has an excellent editorial on it here.

The Magical Negro theory may explain the Obama as Messiah phenom which is also reaching new heights. In Obama’s words:

“…that a light will shine through that window,
a beam of light will come down upon you,
you will experience an epiphany
…and you will suddenly realize that you must go to the polls
and vote for Obama.”

—Barack Obama

And the Messiah message is getting through. Notice, in particular the images which place a halo around Obama’s head or his wife’s. YouTube is chock full of videos about Obama’s Messiah status. Here’s one:

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7 Responses to Barack the Magic Negro

  1. OrlandoB says:

    That is the most brilliant picture of Barack on the net. May I use it for my facebook pic?

  2. […] See Also: Barak the Magic Negro […]

  3. Anonymous says:

    You might have taken the time to spell his name properly. And the quote is completely out of context.

  4. Fr. J. says:

    There is no context i can think of that would justify that quote. If there is one, please do explain it to us in detail.

  5. johnny7 says:

    Glad you liked my religious rendition of Obama…

  6. zkxmy says:


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