Finding a Cure for Abortion


Tonight for some reason I was wondering how abortion ranked among leading causes of death in the U.S. I was shocked at the figures. They are utterly dumbfounding. Here are the leading causes of death for 2004 according to U.S. National Center for Health Statistics:

Top 5 US Causes of death
1. Diseases of heart 652,486
2. Malignant neoplasms (cancer) 553,888
3. Cerebrovascular diseases 150,074
4. Chronic lower respiratory diseases 121,987
5. Unintentional injuries 112,012

Much has been written in recent weeks about the “amazing drop” in abortions in the U.S. in 2005, leaving the public with the impression that somehow death due to abortion was indeed well on the way to becoming rare.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong!!

Abortion dropped to 1.2 MILLION!!!


Then it occurred to me to look up the death rate by AIDS and by Breast Cancer which are terrible diseases and have received massive amounts of media attention and public resources and are the subject of constant fund raising campaigns among the general public.

Here they are:

According to US Department of Health and Human Services CDC:

2005 Deaths to AIDS

Deaths: 17,011
Total*: 550,394

*Cumulative total since about 1981

according to the American Cancer Society (see page 3):

2005 Deaths to Breast Cancer

Deaths: 40, 410

The total estimated deaths to AIDS in the US since its outbreak sometime in the 1970’s remains less than half of current abortion rate. If the rates were to remain constant at 2005 numbers, it would take 123.4 years to equal the number of abortions now annually committed.

The death rate to breast cancer has been declining since the middle 1990’s. But if they were to remain constant, it would take 29.7 years to equal the number of children aborted in 2005.

Of course I would never want to diminish in any way the tragedy and suffering experienced by the sufferers of any life threatening disease, especially not breast cancer or AIDS. Rather, I think it is vitally important that we Americans understand and appreciate the magnitude of the preventable holocaust of abortion. While massive campaigns to end these two diseases have run through our society for years, numerically they are much less significant that the deaths inflicted by women and the medical industry on our own children.

While finding the cure for heart disease, cancer, AIDS and other diseases require massive funding and research efforts, the cure for the national holocaust of abortion will take something much more difficult and infinitely more simple: a conversion of heart and a willingness to find creative ways to handle unintended pregnancies. It will required Americans to face down countless lies we tell ourselves and embrace the two fold truth: All human life is sacred. And, there is never a circumstance that forces a woman to have an abortion. For life, there is always a way.

photo by user: rev bri

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