Elizabeth’s comments continued

Read over the website I have given you ,and you will see the way you teach NFP is with a contraceptive mentality,and that is I know how many children I can handle and take care of,which is the same mentality of people that get abortions,and take contraceptives. When you have SEX in your marriage like one should,and you TRUST GOD that HE will not GIVE you a life that HE can not properly take care of..That is no LUST and TRUST. That is the biblical marriage covenant. GOD desires for His children to have big families and if HE does not you will be BARREN. For you to say that is LUST and TRUST,than what about people that can not conceive and still have sex within marriage is that LUST TOO..????
We have to be careful that we do not make PROVISIONS and DOCTRINE according to our unbelief. How do you know how many kids GOD wants you to have..????
How do you know that GOD will not provide for any extra kids within your marriage..?
How do you know what you can physically and mentally handle…??? They told Mrs.Duggard that it was hazardous to her health to go past 10 kids and now she is on her 18th child.
What is FAITH..??? WHAT IS TRUST in GOD…????
GOD said that HE will not put no more on you than you can bear.
IF a woman or man is truly on there deathbed,than they should not be having SEX anyway.

A contraceptive metality is the intention to AVOIDING pregnancy whether it be natural or chemically induced. All of you are lying to yourself if you say that is not what is being taught on this website. You are in a strong DENIAL. IF you use NFP to avoid pregnancy when there is no XTREME circumstances and even then you need to pray about it…then it is just a wrong as contraceptive use. To me the teaching on this website is LUST period,meaning I will AVOID having SEX with you on the DAYS I am most likely to GET PREGNANT,and then I am more open to have sex with you on my non-fertile days,so I can just have pleasure and no baby. YET you all claim you are open to life,but you avoid sex on the days where life is most possible to be conceived. AGAIN I say that is not total trust,that is still trying to manipulate the outcome to be what you want it to be.

A couple like the DUGGARDS is OPEN to NEW LIFE all the time and they are a GREAT example for all of us. I am sure her husband does not FORCE her to have sex,and she does not force him to have it. They enjoy the sexual intimacy that marriage brings w/out avoiding the NEW life that marriage brings. How is that lust and trust…?????? The purpose of SEX is to bring forth children,if you don’t like that,then be married and abstinate..but don’t try to say..OH we are open to NEW life..THAT is a LIE and any child can see that. I am not saying it is an easy walk ,but if we are going to teach something ..lets be real and honest about it. You are using NFP because you don’t want or desire another New life or child,for whatever reasons how small they may be are important to you. Same with a woman that goes and gets an abortion or couples that take contraceptives..they have great reasons..BUT is it RIGHT…??????

The large majority of people using NFP have no moral reason for doing so.

Acts that are contrary to procreation includes all acts that are unnatural or by intent are rendered non-procreative except for the use of NFP under very limited circumstances. It is clear from both 1st Corinthians and Humanae Vitae that natural sexual intercourse within marriage is intended to serve both as a natural release from concupiscence and for procreation. There is no intent to infer that natural intercourse may not be engaged in when procreation is seen as not being possible during periods of temporary or permanent naturally occurring sterility that are otherwise unrestricted.

“Do not deprive each other, except perhaps by mutual consent for a time, to be free for prayer, but then return to one another, so that Satan may not tempt you through your lack of self-control.” [1 Cor. 7:5]
There are “two meanings to the conjugal act: the unitive meaning and the procreative meaning.” [H.V. 12]

God is of unlimited capacity. He is able to provide for trillions of faithful human beings to an unknowable limit. The people of Sodom and Gomorrah practiced unnatural vice, a vice which was contrary to procreation. They were destroyed. Anyone who acts against the prime commandment by participating in unnatural sexual activity is, practically speaking, a sodomite. He or she who practices unnatural vice, an act of sodomy, is breaking the forth commandment.1 Unrepentant, such a person will be condemned to Hell for all eternity.

“Whoever welcomes one such child for my sake welcomes me.” [Mt. 18:5]

Humanae Vitae (Of Human Life), Pope Paul VI, 25 July 1968:
Humanae Vitae states that each and every act of sexual intercourse must be open to life. When NFP is used with the intention of avoiding pregnancy – through the possession of knowledge of when pregnancy will almost certainly not occur – then the intention precludes the consideration of being open to life against the tenant of Humanae Vitae that sexual acts must be open to pregnancy except under limited circumstances. If one does not know when pregnancy can take place then it can be said that acts of sexual intercourse are open to life. As Jesus well established in the Gospels, sin is in the desires of the mind as well as in the offensive act.

“NOTE: Only with a valid moral reason may any form of natural abstinence be used to avoid pregnancy; and then only for the duration that the valid condition continues (Humanae Vitae º10.4; º16.2). If selfishness is involved with the decision to use natural rhythms to avoid fertilization then a condemnatory sin will normally have been committed.” . . . — Sincerely in Christ, – fr. david

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